The DSI Exo 26 - How to use page

Sugested method of dooning on the DSI EXO-26 Full Face mask
  1. Make sure all 5 legs of the spider from the full face mask are loosened all the way.
  2. While holding the maks in position by the thin cup, begn tightening the spider bottom straps, but not all the way.
  3. Make sure the cup of the spider is postioned on the center of your head. It should be low, but not as low as you neck.
  4. Next tighten the two straps above the temples. Alternate between top and bottom straps until the face is positioned porperly and snugly into the full face mask.

The bottom straps should be tightened first

The diver Should be very familiar with the Adjustmend

The bottom straps should be
tightened first

The diver Should be very familiar with the adjustmend
of the exo-26 Full face mask

Removal of the EXO-26 Full face mask

  1. Grasp the bottom of the mask on each side where the buckles are attached.
  2. With your thumbs, push the tabs on the buckles all the way forward. Tehy will stop travelling once they hit the stops on the buckle caps
  3. At this point, push the bottom portion of the mask awy from the face as if it were hinged to you forehead. This will release the bottom legs of the spider and allow easy removal of the mask.

Removal of the EXO-26

The EXO-26 full face mask will stay in proper adjustment while diving,
yet it easily removed by the diver when neccessary

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